Monday, March 7, 2011

The Warning Signs of Career Disaster

The Warning Signs of Career Disaster

Many of us have recurring dreams. Mine is that I’m driving down the freeway and can’t read the road signs until I’ve missed an important exit. Fortunately, it’s just a dream. But many people have trouble reading signs—not road signs, but career warning signs.

A career warning sign is any change that indicates possible career disaster. While warning signs may vary according to employment situations, there are three basic warning signs to look for.

Warning Sign #1: Sales are down in your company.
While not everyone in an organization is involved with sales, all jobs are affected by sales levels. When revenues decrease, profits are held steady by cutting costs, which often means cutting jobs. Protect yourself by paying attention to your company’s sales.

While not all employees are privy to sales numbers, there are ways of finding pertinent financial information. Public companies must publish financial statements. And employees of non-public companies can also read the signs of declining sales, like:
• Work load decline
• Boss suddenly concerned about small costs, like pens and copy paper
• Sales manager was fired or sales department reorganized

Alert employees are sensitive to such indicators. They keep their resume updated at all times and cultivate a growing professional network for potential future job leads.

Warning Sign #2: Management changes.
Any management change has the potential to damage your corporate position. Be watchful during:
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Successive short-term management (e.g., three bosses in two years)
• Retirement or replacement of senior management

Wise employees listen closely to new-management rhetoric. Is he making dramatic promises? Does he have a reputation as a job cutter? The first announcement of new management is the time to prepare your resume and cautiously explore outside options.

Warning Sign #3: You’ve lost favor with your boss.
While “gut feelings” are often the first warning, some objective indicators are:
• A less-than-exemplary performance review
• No performance-based salary increase
• Smaller than expected year-end bonus
• Your input is not requested at planning meetings
• Your suggestions are ignored
If you sense your position on the corporate totem pole is falling, trust your gut. When jobs are at stake, yours will be one of the first sacrificed. Prepare your new career plan .

These warning signs may seem obvious, but they are often ignored by those who fear change. Rather than take action, they lean on false hope that loyalty to the employer will pay off in the end.

Those who practice career management never confuse company loyalty with aversion to change. When career warning signs appear on the horizon, read the signs clearly so that you’re ready for the next exit with a strong resume, career plan, and interview skills .


Deborah Walker, Certified Career Management Coach
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charles Schwab Career Opportunities in Phoenix

See below for Job Postings in Phoenix for the NSHMBA Schwab event on 03/03/11.

To RSVP go to:

Current Openings in Phoenix

Visit our website at

Position Title Position Title
Brokerage Operations/Customer Service Marketing
Associate - Operations Senior Product Manager
Banking Service Specialist Trading
Broker - Series 7 Licensed Registered Representative (Stock Plan Services)
Broker Trainee Program Team Manager, Institutional Trading - Schwab Advisor Services
Customer Reporting Services Associate Training
Margin Associate Managing Director - Training
New Account Operations Specialist Sr. Specialist - Training
Senior Team Manager, Corporate Actions IT - Communications/Networking
Senior Trust Operations Specialist Sr. Staff - Sr. Voice Systems Engineer
Service Specialist - Schwab Advisor Services, Trading & Operations IT - DBA
Specialist - Operations Oracle Technical Director
Sr. Specialist - Employee Services IT - Distributed and Web Development
Trade Specialsit - Schwab Advisor Services Lead Architect - Sr. Software Engineer
Business Development and Sales Managing Director - Software Application Engineering
Al Sales Specialist Sr. Staff - Clarity Software Application Engineer
Financial Consultant - National Branch Phoenix Sr. Staff - MIS
Move Money Dept Associate IT - Management/Technical Project Mgmt
Portfolio Consultant Senior Infrastructure Partner/Account Manager
Prospect Development Specialist IT - Software Quality Assurance (QA)
Senior Investment Professional for Advisor Services Midwestern Region Senior QA Automation Lead
Tecnology Consultant IT - Other Specialty Engineer
Corporate Staff .Net/C# Developer
Managing Director - Supervision and Controls Senior Software Application Developer - .Net/C#/Winforms
Human Resources Sr. Staff - CTI Reporting Engineer
Director, HR Call Center and Operations Sr. Staff - Data Center Systems Engineer
Talent Attraction & Sourcing Specialist Sr. Staff - Info Sec Analyst
Product Development Sr. Staff - Privileged Access Product Owner
CRM Product Manager Sr. Exchange & OCS Engineer
Senior Manager, Segment Development & Management, Family Office & Advisors Turning Independent Staff - Data Center Systems Engineer
Senior Product Manager, Managed Accounts IT - System Administration
Retirement Services Infrastructure Solutions Architect - Tech Director
Client Service Account Manager System Administrator
Retirement Plan Service Specialist Tier 2 Desktop System Administrator

Note: For regulatory and tracking purposes, candidates must apply online to be considered. Please visit to see postings and career information. When searching for open positions, you may use the position title noted above to find, and apply for, these specific openings. Postings may be pulled down from the active list at any time without notice.