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Heard Museum - Marketing Communications Intern Fall 2009, Spring 2010

Heard Museum - Marketing Communications Intern Fall 2009, Spring 2010

Department: The Marketing Communications Intern is part of the Marketing Communications Department.

Reports to: Director of Marketing Communications

Responsible for: Assisting the Marketing Communications Department to implement integrated media relations, communications, marketing and advertising strategies for a variety of exhibits, events and focus area projects. Working in a team environment, effectively communicating with target audiences to achieve preset goals for the assigned projects.

Expectations: The Marketing Communications Department operates in a strong team environment. It is essential to work closely with the other team members within the Marketing Communications Department to ensure that the museum’s public image is strong and cohesive, and to avoid competition for coverage within the department. This includes attending regular department meetings, maintaining constant communication regarding the status of your projects and having all media materials proofread by other team members in the department.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to participate in the following:

Planning – Work with Marketing Communications Managers and the Director of Marketing Communications to assist with the development of integrated media strategies, budgets, communications messages, marketing programs and advertising campaigns to reach preset goals for the exhibits, events and focus areas.

Media Relations – Write media materials including news releases and calendar announcements for distribution to local and national media. Pitch stories to key media and secure placement in publications that reach targeted audiences, in cooperation with the Director of Marketing Communications and Marketing Communications Managers.

Assist with the news clipping function and develop news coverage reports for distribution to the Board and staff.

Marketing – Assist in the development of collateral materials including visitor flyers, brochures, member invitations, event programs and other promotional materials for the projects assigned.

Write feature stories and other copy for the member newsletter EarthSong, the Heard Museum Journal, the museum Web site and e-newsletters to promote the projects assigned.

Editorial Support - Provide editorial support for projects as needed including proofreading media communiqu├ęs and collateral materials.

Publications - Develop articles for the Heard Museum Journal, EarthSong, the Web site and e-newsletters.

Web Site – Assist with Web page development including content.

Other duties as assigned.

Juliet Martin

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