Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teach Abroad in Costa Rica!

The International English Volunteer Centre objective is to contribute to improving the English level of tourism communities in Costa Rica. The Centre is coordinated by ALIARSE Foundation and Costa Rica Multilingüe national program, with the support of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), the Public Education Ministry (MEP), Kent State University (USA), the CRUSA Foundation, the U.S. Embassy and tourism-sector businesses.
The project is carried out in three modes: (i) with high-school students, primarily from technical high schools; (ii) with professionals from the tourism sector, primarily from big hotels, and employees of public institutions in tourism zones; and (iii) entrepreneurs from small and medium hotels, through coordination with local tourism chambers.
Volunteers with teaching credentials will take a two-week induction course at the Centro Espiral Maná, San Carlos, and then travel to their respective community sites, where they will live in family homes. The induction course, insurance costs, and transportation from the United States to community sites will be partially paid for by ALIARSE. Teachers will receive a visa with volunteer status for one year, through a volunteer/intern regulation emitted by the Costarrican Immigration Administration.
The English courses will be taught by foreign teachers, mainly from the USA, with university degree and credentials to teach English as a second language. The volunteers’ selection process includes a personal interview and a personality test. Volunteers with no previous experience teaching English and those that have not travelled abroad before will be disqualified.
Please note that now the initiative includes three modalities:
1. Profesionales con credenciales para enseñar inglés como segundo idioma: Estos darán clases en las comunidades
Certified ESL personnel who would teach classes in a variety of communities—rural and urban ones
2. Profesionales sin credenciales para enseñar inglés: acompañarán a docentes de secundaria
Non-certified ESL personnel who would work with secondary teachers of English
3. Estudiantes mayores de 18 años: acompañarán a docentes de educación primaria
Older than 18-year-old students who would work with Elementary school teachers.
For further information please contact directly either Aitor Llodio or Marta Blanco.
Aitor Llodio
Director Ejecutivo
Tel.: (506) 2248 0237
Cel: (506) 8846 6645
Fax: (506) 2222 3095
Marta E. Blanco
Directora Ejecutiva
Costa Rica Multilingüe
Tel: (506) 2207 9485/77
Fax: (506) 2207 9040

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