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2009 AGUILA Leadership Symposium

Leadership: We Remember, We Recognize, We Believe
2009 AGUILA Leadership Symposium
June 25 – 27, 2009
Arizona State University at the West Campus

The Institute
AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute is a year round program that provides youth of Latino heritage with the necessary college knowledge to achieve their dreams of a college degree. Seminars are held once a month and students are required to attend and actively participate in all activities that will contribute to their college knowledge. Participation in the Institute comes with special privileges as well as access to a variety of resources, experiences and a network of professionals dedicated to assisting an Aguilita.

The Summer Leadership Symposium
The Symposium is held once a year at Arizona State University at the West Campus and provides an introductory experience for first time students who are committed to joining AGUILA for the year round program and continuing development for current Aguilitas. An Application for new students requires commitment to participate in the Symposium as well as the year round program. It is very important that each applicant carefully consider the commitment required to ensure success.

It takes a Village
We are determined to make this an even greater success in 2009 and have designed this Symposium to provide our students with an unforgettable experience – one that will help them to make connections in the development of a plan for college and most importantly, a plan for participating in a world that values their minds and their hearts. The Symposium will include opportunities for everyone. We ask you to consider volunteering in the following areas:

Latino Lider – This session is an interactive session that will kick-off the symposium and will bring professionals and leaders in our community together with our students that will allow our youth to envision their future through your experiences. This special session will begin the symposium on June 26th in the morning followed by a luncheon with students. If you are interested in participating as a Latino Lider contact us at You will hear from Chair, Dr. Barbara Valencia-Ortega.

Major Fair – This unique fair will assist students in choosing their college major by providing them with a wealth of information in majors they have never imagined. This area is limited to College and University Representatives. This session follows the Latino Lider on June 26th. If you are interested in participating contact us at You will hear from Chair, Cora Perez.

Mock Classes – Three 30 minute mock courses will allow students to move from one subject to another and receiving “a taste of college”. These courses will be drawn from the list of various majors so the sky is the limit! This area is limited to College and University Faculty. This event follows the Major Fair on June 26th. If you are interested in participating contact us at You will hear from Symposium Director, Diane Rish.

College Fair – Following our very successful College Fair last year, this year will be no different. Colleges and Universities are invited to participate in a very intimate College Fair where students are prepared to seek specific information related to the information they have received. If you are interested in participating in this wonderful event contact us at You will hear from Chair, Ron Venegas

Student Debate – A suggestion by AGUILA Students anxious to make their voices heard this event will bring students together in a debate format with interactive participation from the audience. Students will sign up for specific topics when they apply to the symposium and will have the option of contacting Debate Coaches to assist them in preparation. If you are interested in participating as a Debate Coach or Debate Judge, please contact us at You will hear from Symposium Coordinator, Vincent Salazar.

Sessions - A call for Presenters:
Finding your Voice -There has been very few times in history that one word has been able to mobilize so many people. As we welcome in new president we need to look at our lives in the next four years. Therefore, it's time we really ask ourselves what we are doing to have our voice heard, and how are we making sure that we are taking care of in this new era of politics? This session will focus on leadership and allow students to come together and develop a youth voice on issues facing our communities, such as Arizona’s Latino dropout rate, gang violence, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, internet and domestic violence.
Passion to Action - Find your passion and take action. Once you’ve done so you’ll be able to say I did what I could to improve the large societal problems we face as a community, nation and world. Learn how one person CAN make a difference!
Bridging the Multigenerational Divide - There is constant talk about how parents just don’t understand. Where did it all begin? The life experiences of our parents and elders are very different from our experiences—which has created a multigenerational divide between students, parents, tias, tios, and abuelitos. This session will look at this divide from various standpoints and how it affects familial relationships. The session will discuss how students and parents should approach this issue and turn it into a multigenerational advantage for our collective future.

If you have interest in presenting in a panel for any of these sessions, please contact us at You will hear from Symposium Director, Diane Rish.

Our most valuable asset will be those individuals who choose to be a part of this historical event and volunteer their precious gift of time and energy to ensure that our youth receive the most out of the 2 nights/3 days they will spend together in planning their future. As a volunteer for the Symposium, your contribution is priceless. If you are interested there are many areas in which you can participate. If you are interested, please contact us at You will hear from Symposium Director, Diane Rish.

Our children are our future and if you have the opportunity to donate give-aways to place in their conference bags, food, snacks, paper, pens, pencils, note-pads, etc. and yes, even funding- $$$$ - (any amount is appreciated AND tax-deductible), please contact us at You will hear from Board Members, Laura Quinones, Sophie Bejarano and/or Anna Salazar.

Student Participants:
• Students will be of high school age enrolled as sophomores, juniors or seniors attending an Arizona High School during the 2009-2010 school year of Latino heritage and /or have appreciation of Latino culture which forms the foundation of the curriculum.

AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute
Summer Leadership Symposium
P.O. Box 34752
Phoenix, Arizona 85067-4752
For more information contact AGUILA Youth Leadership at or call us at (602) 518-0612. For more information, visit our website at

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