Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tips from the January Professional Development Event

Tips from the Recent NSHMBA Professional Development Event:
Being laid off is a strategic retreat for a better perspective. These times are needed.

On resume
· Make specific statement
· Do not put tasked with but accomplished
· Focus on important
· Describe me in one word

Things to be working on· Google yourself
· Become known
· What do you want?
· Make more money
· Retain job...
· Get professional certifications (it shows you finish what you start)
· Do what is most important to your boss and customer
· “Ask, listen then adjust”
· Take five minutes to sit with boss per week and get input on where you should be
· Invest 10% of your work week to your career (Example: 40 Hour Work Week: 4 Hours to your career)
· Market yourself
· Get exposure in job
· Have passion. You will never work a day in your life. Make a life with passion
· Map out directions in your life
· Help others get what they want in ife
· Quantify/document
· Share results and accomplishments to boss
· See an image consultant
· Dress to the job you want
· Align activity with career goals
· Set your career objective/goal
· Approach the climb
· Find a path to your strategic career plan. Even if it is winding like a mountain climb and you take lateral positions to get to point you want, you will get there.

All of those steps were necessary to get you to your destination
· Keep a folder on what you do
· Job shadow
· Mentorship – both sides (learn and teach)
· Do more then expected
· Don’t confuse activity with progress
· What are requirements of the job you want
· Know your skills and strengths

It’s who knows you· Put yourself on Linked in and put your projects, etc. on (no immature postings)
· My Space - keep impeccable, Colorful pics (companies do employee research)
· Get published or blogged
· Company newsletter
· Join toastmasters
· Join National Speakers Association

In 8 seconds they learn about you things such as· Success
· Economic level
· Education
· Trust

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